Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hello friends!!

Thanks for stopping by! Today I have a fun project that is by no means new, but it's new to me. I recently bought a 1" hole punch to make my own flair!

This is what I made...

I started with Simple Stories - Say Cheese paper.
I love the Say Cheese lines and I thought that would be cute for my recent Disneyland trips.

I also used Simple Stories - Say Cheese II

I made a couple of flair using Lawn Fawn - Hello Sunshine.

I love Simple Stories and this oldie but goodie line Vintage Bliss is one of my favorites. So much, that I used paper from that line to make a iPhone cover a few years ago to be used with a clear case. I saved the paper...why? I don't know, I just love it : )
I made a few flair from that paper and they might just be my most loved!
That one on the top left with the notebook paper and rose!! Come on : ) I Love it!!

I was on quite the roll with the flair making!! Make flair from all the pretty paper!!

I broke out the new Carpe Diem stickers from The Reset Girl and made a few from that. Those stickers weren't the best for 1" flair but I like what I made.

I used another Simple Stories - Life In Color sticker pack.
Those might be a tie for the most favorite flair I made! 
The one on the bottom right, the cute flowers with the word perfect, love that!
The one in the middle, the teal one, "Big Deal" will be perfect for a layout for my son's LA adventures. He was picked to be an intern at Capitol Records!! That, for all of us was a big deal : )

Thanks for sticking with me! Was that too long?! 
That was my adventure in flair making!
I think I'm hooked : )

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

I'm back ~ again!!

Hi friends I'm back! I took an unintentional sabbatical. I had some heath issues and now I'm getting my groove back. I didn't take my own "motto" advise and Just Keep Crafting but I am now : )
I kinda feel like Julie from the movie Julie and Julia - is anyone out there? That would be amazing, right?! If this little blog led to a book, then movie!! Ok, ok, I'm done daydreaming.
Back to crafting. I made this purchase not too long ago -

and I made this
and this
I also am new to the party with the Tim Holtz "Tiny Attacher" stapler and am loving it!! So stinkin' cute and tiny and fun!
That little viewfinder there, that was one of the first cuts I made with my Silhouette Cameo a couple of years ago. I saved it knowing I would use it when the right time came : )
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What I did over the weekend...

Hello there : )

I was a little crafty this Saturday. I finished the Disneyland part of my scrapbook and now I need to start on the LA part.
I broke out my big girl camera : )


I did a little organizing. I picked up this adorable organizer at TJ Maxx
These magazine holders are in the dollar section at Target. I'm using them as paper storage. I love the dollar section at Target!! 

These bags are so cute! I bought them on Etsy to use as gift bags.
Oh, and I even made a card!
Till next time friends!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baby cards and Disneyland scrapbook

Hi there! This past weekend I spent some time crafting. I work in an elementary school and right now, my assistant principal and three teachers are having babies! I made these two cards for a baby shower we're having in February.

This card I made a little bit ago for my next door neighbor.
The adorable crocheted heart was made by my niece Linda
I wish I knew how to do a fancy link by clicking on her name, but I don't.
Hopefully, I'll get a tutorial by the girl I just linked ; )
Yesterday, I worked on my Disneyland scrapbook. I'm almost done with pictures from California Disney and Disneyland and just need to add some pictures from the LA part of our trip.

I apologize for the dark cell phone pictures.
Thanks for stopping by!
See you soon ~ be crafty!

Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 already?!

Hi there! Well, I didn't plan on taking a break from blogging but that's exactly what happened : /
The holidays are a busy time and my family is still busy. Lots of fun things going on in January. My wedding anniversary is Jan 6, my husband's birthday is Jan 13 and then throw in life!

Ok, back to crafting...let's see...I finished my Greatful Journal. I know how to spell grateful but while thinking about the things I was grateful for I just kept thinking about all the fun, amazing, great times we've had and decided to call it my Greatful Journal. Then during Christmas, our pastor called his Christmas series "Mary Christmas" - great minds...hee! hee!

I did make a few cards during my hiatus.

I made a birthday card 
I made a few Christmas cards
I found this adorable post-it holder at Pottery Barn. It is a metal mini typewriter and I am in love!
Look at the keys - hearts!!
Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about my Silhouette Cameo! I ordered it in the middle of November and it still hasn't been delivered. Why you ask? Because the company Oh My Crafts! went out of business!! Yes, out of business!! I don't know what the heck happened. I did get my money back from my bank and I guess it's up to them to get the money from that shady company. Now I'm on the search for a great deal on the Cameo. Let me know if you see any great deals out there ; )
That's it for now. I'll be back later in the week with a couple of cards I made this weekend. Don't want to bore you with a super long post.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Be crafty : )



Monday, November 25, 2013

Hi there!

It's almost Thanksgiving! I can't believe how fast the holidays are approaching! I've been a little crafty over the last few weeks. I made some Thankful cards.

I'm working on a Gratitude book for the month of November. I love when people do Project Life but I can't imagine trying to keep up with that project everyday for a year. Love that people do though!

My book club ~ Booktini  had a craft day last Saturday. Booktini consists of a group of smart, funny, beautiful girls who love to read, enjoy a cocktail and crafting. This is our second craft day and I'm sure we'll have more to come. 

Here are some of the crafts that were made.

We have some talented crafters in our group : ) From left to right we have Susie, who showed everyone how to make this super cute wine tag. You could also use it for many other gift ideas like lotion or hand sanitizer, etc. Our fearless leader Rochelle, had a jar decorating craft. How cute is that jar?! We made cute match box covers with Yoli and last but not least, we made an adorable gift card holder/card with Pam who is the Cricut expert!

I bit the bullet and purchased a Silhouette Cameo! I keep hearing about the amazing things that little machine can do and I can't wait to start playing with it. I am a little intimidated by it but thank goodness for YouTube! I got a great deal on that included $120 in free cuts! It is a pre-order so I can't wait for it's arrival.

And finally, I placed a very small order with Technique Tuesday. Right now they are in the middle of their progressive sale. Today is the last day for 50% off. Starting tomorrow, whatever is left is 60% off! YES 60% off. I'll have to take a look tomorrow to see if I need anything else! lol!

I'm off of work this week so I can't wait to get crafty with these new goodies!

Have a beautiful, blessed Thanksgiving : )

Be crafty!


Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm back : )

Hi there!
It has been a while since my last post! I didn't plan on taking a little break from blogging (since I just started - lol!) but life gets busy sometimes. I hope I don't bore you with too long of a post.
Lets see, the last time I posted I said I was going to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival.
It was foggy the whole time we were there. It really got me in the mood for fall.

We made a pit stop at Sam's Chowder House - 
If you are ever within 1000 miles of this place, you have to stop in!! It was our first time and we had to have their famous crab roll. Go ahead drool...I won't judge...

Beautiful way to end our day - amazing food and a nice walk on the beach : )

I also mentioned I was going to make Halloween goodie bags. 

I made this card for my friend Cathy.

Am I boring you with too much catch up?!

As a family, we took a mini vacay to Las Vegas. We went to the Life Is Beautiful festival.
It was soooooo much fun!! For people who don't personally know me - my "kids" are ages 24 and 20.

We got the chance to see some inspiring art:

This one is in 3D!!

We ate some superb food:

And watched some awesome bands like 21 Pilots, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Vampire Weekend and my personal favorite The Kings of Leon! This was the first ever Life Is Beautiful festival, we hope to make this an annual getaway!

Back to crafty business ~ I have started a Gratitude book and I am loving it! I'm using so much of my stash!! I'm continuing with my Disney scrapbook and have made a few Thankful cards.  I'm also toying with the idea of getting the Silhouette Cameo! 

I'll share pics of my Gratitude book and Thankful cards next post.
Thanks for stopping by!