Thursday, October 10, 2013

My first post! Yikes!!

Hi everyone, well, I hope people will read this : )
Welcome to my blog!
I love to craft and I love to buy craft goodies. It's almost a tie as to what is my favorite!
I'm starting this blog hoping it will inspire me to use my stash and not hoard my goodies.

Below is a card I made for my sweet friend Mary. She is one tough chick. She was diagnosed with Stage Four uterine cancer but she fought like a girl and kicked it's butt! She's still fighting as we speak but the good news is she is well enough to be back at work and she's getting stronger and stronger everyday!

I apologize for the bad picture. I was so excited to post, I used a terrible picture from my phone.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. yay! Can't wait to see all your crafty creations. Super cute card!

  2. Hi hoped on over from Linda's blog- love your card creations! Welcome to the blog world!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration Linda : )
    Thanks Jaime : )
    Thanks for stopping by Jossie : )